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A special thank you to the following companies, organizations,
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Corporate Advisory Council, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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William W. Tipton, Jr., MD
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The traveling exhibit has been made possible by a grant from the
George M. Boswell, Jr., MD Fund for Orthopaedic Surgery of the
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Special thanks to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Board of Directors 2002, for making this project possible:

Vernon T. Tolo, MD

First Vice President
James H. Herndon, MD

Second Vice President
Robert W. Bucholz, MD

E. Anthony Rankin, MD

Andrew J. Weiland, MD

Treasurer-Elect (ex officio)
Edward A. Toriello, MD

First Past President
Richard H. Gelberman, MD

Second Past President
S. Terry Canale, MD

Chair, Board of Councilors
Lowry Jones, Jr., MD

Chair-Elect, Board of Councilors
Maureen Finnegan, MD

Secretary, Board of Councilors
Peter J. Mandell, MD

Chair, COMSS
Peter C. Amadio, MD

Chair-Elect, COMSS
David G. Lewallen, MD

Secretary, COMSS
Glenn B. Pfeffer, MD

Stephen A. Albanese, MD
Stephen Patrick England, MD, MPH
James N. Weinstein, DO, MS
Gerald R. Williams, Jr.

Chair, Council on Communications
Stuart A. Hirsch, MD

Chair, Council on Academic Affairs
Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, PhD

Chair, Council on Research and Scientific Affairs
Joshua J. Jacobs, MD

Chair, Council on Health Policy and Practice
Alan H. Morris, MD

Chair, Council on Education
Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD

Chair, Public Education and Media Relations Committee
John M. Purvis, MD

Executive Vice President
William W. Tipton, Jr., MD

Deputy Executive Vice President
Lawrence E. Rosenthal, PhD

Executive Editor; Director, Public Education
and Media Relations

Sandra R. Gordon

Editorial Assistant
Addy Kujawa

Special thanks to the following who generously shared
their talents and sage advice:

A. Herbert Alexander, MD

Paul W. Brown, MD

Daniel R. Benson, MD

Peter Carter, MD

Robert D. D'Ambrosia, MD

Paul J. Dougherty, MD

John Greenwood, Chief,
Office of Medical History,
US Army Surgeon General

Norman Grunewald

Jan K. Herman, Historian,
Navy Medical Department,
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

J. William Littler, MD

Walter M.P. McCall

Stephen E. Novak, Head,
Archives and Special Collections, Augustus C. Long
Health Sciences Library,
Columbia University

William R. Loscher, MD

David Seligson, MD

Special thanks to the following Orthopaedic Surgeons who graciously
shared their stories with us and made this project possible:

Seymour M. Albert, MD
Chester K. Barta, MD
Jack S. Blaisdell, MD
George M. Boswell, Jr., MD
Frank J. Boutin, Sr., MD
Paul W. Brown, MD
Richard Lee Brown, MD
Robert E. Carroll, MD
Lewis Cozen, MD
William Donaldson, MD
Anthony F. DePalma, MD
William Donaldson, MD
William R. Duncan, MD

Robert W. Florence, MD
Joseph C. Flynn, MD
Samuel H. Fraerman, MD
Zachary B. Friedenberg, MD
Barry Friedman, MD
J. Leonard Goldner, MD
Nathaniel Gould, MD
Robert M. Hall, MD
John T. Hayes, MD
John F. Hume, MD
Haven E. Jones, MD
Patrick G. Laing, MD
Eli M. Lippman, MD

Eugene Loopesko, MD
Arthur Messinger, MD
Paul R. Milligan, MD
O'Neill L. Pollingue, Jr., MD
Moses Rabson, MD
Robert D. Ray, MD
Andrew C. Ruoff, III, MD
Thomas E. Ryan, MD
Marcus J. Stewart, MD
Barbara Bartlett
Simpson, MD
Leon L. Wiltse, MD
Robert M. Yanchus, MD

Special thanks to the Academy members who served in World War II
and graciously agreed to be telephone-interviewed:

James P. Ahstrom, Jr., MD
William A. Baird, MD
Robert M. Barnett, Sr., MD
Bradford S. Bennett, MD
Joseph E. Brown, MD
Stanley A. Clark, Jr., MD
John Clasen, MD
Jonathan Cohen, MD
Russell F. Compton, MD
Wiliam A. Craig, MD
Thomas B. Dameron, Jr., MD
Paul M. Davis, Jr., MD
Robert H. Denham, Jr., MD
Thomas L. Duncan, MD
Don Leroy Eyler, MD
Chester F. Fee, MD
Richard L. Fenton, MD
Adrian E. Flatt, MD
Leo A. Green, MD

Worth Miller Gross, MD
Harle B. Grover, MD
Martin R. Haig, MD
T.C. Harper, MD
J. Ted Hartman, MD
Robert S. Hormell, MD
Andrew G. Hudacek, MD
Wiliam E. Hummel, MD
Einer W. Johnson, Jr., MD
Robert J. W. Kinzel, MD
Duane M. Kline, Jr., MD
Harry G. Kroll, MD
J. Harold LaBriola, MD
Howard W. Lagerquist, MD
Robert F. Landstra, MD
Ralph T. Lidge, MD
Stanley W. Lipinski, MD
Irving G. Manning, MD
Newton C. McCollough, MD

H. Clay Messenger, Jr., MD
Robert W. Meyer, MD
Thomas R. Miller, MD
Samuel T. Moore, III, MD
John H. Muehlstein, MD
John M. Naame, MD
David J. Nelson, MD
Wendell J. Newcomb, MD
George E. Omer, Jr., MD
Aaron W. Perlman, MD
W. John Robb, Jr., MD
Carl J. Roncaglione, MD
Stuart Wells Russell, MD
Edward V. Schaffer, MD
Laurence R. Schechter, MD
Thomas F. Scott, MD
Wesley E. Scott, MD
Robert C. Shoemaker, MD
Robert G. Smith, MD

George A. Snook, MD
Robert A. Sobel, MD
Alvin Stander, MD
H. Todd Stradford, MD
Theodore B. Strange, MD
William S. Stryker, MD
Jonathan S. Swift, MD
Robert G. Thompson, MD
John Franklin Tillotson, MD
Jack C. Tippett, MD
S. Fulton Tompkins, MD
Allen O. Tuftee, MD
John C. Williams, MD
Robert T. Willingham, Jr., MD
Loyal K. Wilson, MD
Philip D. Wilson, Jr., MD
Richard C. Wixson, MD
James N. Worcester, Jr. MD
Vincent Zecchino, MD

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