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Legacy Of Heroes Products

Legacy of Heroes honors the dedication, sacrifices, and heroism of the 600,000 medical men and women who served in the World War II. Lessons learned in trauma care during this war had a pivotal influence on modern-day Orthopaedics. This important history is documented through Academy members’ powerful stories, photographs, and artifacts.

Legacy of Heroes Film in DVD Format
Item No. 90097        Price $9.00
There is a $4 shipping and handling charge

Legacy of Heroes Film in VHS Video Format
Item No. 90098        Price $4.00
There is a $4 shipping and handling charge

Legacy of Heroes Book
Share in the personal stories and biographies of Orthopaedic Surgeons who served in WWII, featuring photographs, artifacts and memorabilia.
Item No. 90096
Softcover. While quantities last.
Though this product is free of charge,
there is a $7 shipping fee.

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